The Wedding Planners at PLATZL

In love, engaged, in wedlock: Since 2018, we have employed event planners specializing in weddings at the PLATZL hotels. They ensure that the "most beautiful day in life" lives up to its expectations.

The team of three, led by Hannah Rothermich, organizes around 30 weddings per year at the PLATZL Hotels. In this role the trio is a rarity in the hotel industry, because not many hotels afford their own wedding specialists. Hannah explains to us why professional wedding planning is gaining more and more importance and how this beautiful day can be celebrated at PLATZL.


Dear Hannah, thank you very much for your time! Let’s start with a general question: It seems as if people in Germany have only known the term "Wedding Planner" for 10 to 20 years. Why is the need for professional wedding planning on the rise?

In the past, most bridal couples planned their weddings by themselves or only with the help of friends and family. Today, both sides are often employed fulltime - so there is less time for wedding planning. In addition, many couples realize that there are so many things to think about. At some point, this puts a strain on everyday life and ultimately on the celebration itself. Look at it this way: Very few people would repair their car or tile their own bathroom. So why plan your own wedding without professional help? Especially since it’s supposed to be a beautiful occasion you only want to have fond memories of. Imagine that on your silver wedding anniversary, you were to look back on your wedding day and the only thing you remembered was an argument with the caterer. Another benefit of professional wedding planners: They are much more effective at organizing your event then you would ever be. It is just like the experienced craftsman who works much faster, more efficiently and cleaner than the amateur tinkerer.


That makes sense. On the other hand, a wedding is much more emotional than tiling your bathroom. Isn’t it extremely difficult to capture that emotional element and match the individual standards of the bridal couple?

Of course, the standards are extremely high for a wedding - basically higher than for any other event. The day should be something special and tailored to the bride and groom’s needs. The newlyweds don't want to experience the same fringe events or table decorations at another wedding four weeks later. The probability that this will happen is much lower if you hire a wedding specialist. We know exactly what the trends are, which motifs and which themes may be outdated, and can advise our wedding couples accordingly. All they need to do is to clearly communicate their wishes and ideas to us. We then make sure to implement these professionally and with the highest standards.    


Could the bridal couples who want to get married at PLATZL also hire an independent wedding planner?

Whoever books a location for the wedding with us is not obligated to take advantage of our in-house planning service. We offer it, but if you prefer to plan your wedding yourself or bring your own wedding planner, you may of course do so.

The advantage of in-house wedding planners like us is that we know the venues, the rooms, the technical equipment, the local service partners, and the surrounding area very well. Usually there will not be any misunderstandings or uncertainties, which saves money and keeps everyone calm.

If you would like to hire an additional wedding planner, you are welcome to do so. Then we will of course work together with them very closely.


Where exactly can you celebrate a wedding at the PLATZL?

Couples can rent almost ten different rooms, depending on the format of the wedding. We offer everything – from bars and restaurants to function rooms to our own large event location. Our most popular wedding venues are our party hall KRESZENZ4-Der Saal (MARIAS PLATZL), our restaurant PFISTERMÜHLE and our event room Müller-Pfister (PLATZL HOTEL).         


You said the KRESZENZ4 - der Saal is the most popular wedding venue of the PLATZL establishments. What kind of wedding celebrations are most often planned there?

Usually family-style weddings with 40 to 100 guests and subtle Bavarian touches. Part of the location also consists of a beer garden and a large stage. It is simply the perfect place for a special day with family and friends. Enjoyment, fun, conviviality, harmony, and tradition are usually the focus points.


What about weddings with a small group of guests?

Parties with up to 30 people, we sometimes call micro weddings. Due to the Corona crisis, these are quite sought after at the moment and usually celebrated at the PLATZL HOTEL in the city center, where we have various function rooms for smaller events.


What are your exact tasks when planning a wedding?

Even before the booking, we consult the bride and groom and, if desired, give them a tour of the possible venues. If there is further interest, this is followed by the preparation of an offer. Depending on what the guests want, we contact external partners. As a rule, these tasks take place a year before the celebration, because that is how long couples wait on average for an available wedding date at the PLATZL. After the contract has been signed, we follow up with detailed arrangements with our departments, external partners, and the bridal couple at least three months before the wedding. We work out the menu together and arrange a rehearsal dinner. We also take care of the entertainment equipment, the decorations, draw up a schedule and, as the wedding draws closer, start the briefing of our operational staff, who will ultimately execute the celebration.


You're talking about a waiting period of about one year. What if you don't want to get married in the typical wedding months in spring and summer? Do you also organize fall or winter weddings?

Of course, we actually love to do that! They are not as common as summer weddings, but winter weddings offer a charm of their own. We talked about that "special something" earlier. If you get married in winter, that alone separates you from the other couples. In winter you will have different menus, different decorations, different ideas for the framework... Even the bridal fashion differs, because you might freeze in a dress or suit that is too light when you take the photos outside. Often the mood is also better than in late summer when many guests feel that wedding fatigue. And let's not forget: Availability! The search for a location is easier if you avoid the peak season and suppliers are busy and may offer better terms.


After this raving pitch, we wouldn't be surprised to see an increase in winter wedding inquiries. So, we won't keep you any longer and thank you so much for your time. Happy wedding planning to you!

Haha, we would indeed love that, thank you so much!

To all of you who are getting married within the next few years: Don't hesitate to contact us! The initial consultation is free of charge, and even if we don’t end up planning your wedding together, you will take away a lot for yourself.

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