Two new chefs join the PLATZL family

New developments in PLATZL gastronomic business: both of the AYINGER inns have recently gained new chefs. Holger Lange is newly in charge of the culinary delights provided at the AYINGER IN DER AU, while Wolfgang Schmidt is now at the helm of the AYINGER AM PLATZL. We would like to introduce these two gentlemen in a little greater detail.

Many thanks for your time. How long have you both been part of the PLATZL FAMILY?

Holger Lange: I’ve had the privilege of being part of this family since 15th January 2019.

Wolfgang Schmidt: I’ve been here since 1st November 2018.

Holger, the AYINGER IN DER AU only opened last fall. Which challenges in particular does a chef face when joining such a new restaurant?

Holger Lange: The great thing about such a situation is that you can help to shape things and make decisions from the very start. We can lay down the processes and procedures and mold this wonderful inn with a completely new team. We want to create a “home away from home” for the local residents and our hotel guests, a place they can drop by and feel comfortable and enjoy themselves.

Wolfgang, the AYINGER AM PLATZL, by contrast, has been around for many years, but was significantly renovated and reconfigured during the past year. Has the kitchen also been altered? What will you pay particular attention to as a chef?

Wolfgang Schmidt: Yes, that’s right – a lot of work has been undertaken, including in the kitchen. Even though we place great emphasis on preserving traditions, we’ve also given many of our characteristic dishes some new creative twists. In addition, we are now placing even more focus on the freshness and regionality of our products.

Spring is now in full bloom. It’s often said that this is a chef’s favorite season because nature offers up so many fresh ingredients. Is that just a myth or do you also feel that way? What do you like cooking in springtime especially?

Holger Lange: No, that’s correct. The winter coat is packed away, everything begins to blossom and the guests start sitting outside in the inn’s garden to enjoy the sunlight. We are now entering the “lighter” season: The first rhubarb is harvested, the asparagus season is just around the corner and you’ll soon be able to smell wild garlic while taking a walk. With all these great products available, we can really express our creativity – what could be better?

Wolfgang Schmidt: I can only concur with that! What I particularly like to cook with during spring are wild herbs and, of course, – like Holger already mentioned – fresh asparagus in all its varieties.

Beer can also be used when cooking. Given that both restaurants are closely linked to the Ayinger private brewery, I have to ask the obvious question: Do you also offer dishes based on beer or does the precious brew stay firmly in the glass at your establishments?

Holger Lange: Both. On 25th June, we will be serving our guests a four-course menu with accompanying types of beer, which will be presented and explained by our beer sommelier from the Ayinger brewery. In addition, we naturally also have one or two other dishes based on beer, for example, the beer tiramisu or to enhance our gravy for the roast pork.

Wolfgang Schmidt: At the Ayinger am Platzl we also offer sauces that have beer as their base as well as the beer tiramisu. Both are very popular with our guests, but the most famous is our Ayinger beer ice cream, which we produce with the “Verrückte Eismacher“. It's worth trying! (the “Crazy Ice Cream Maker”).