The "Fairy Tale King" - A Platzl Thriller!

A man in Bavarian costume sits with a blonde lady in a red dress at the bar in Platzl Karree.

Join Sabine Vöhringer on a culinary hunt for clues to the original locations of her new crime novel "Der Märchenkönig" in and around the Platzl Hotel on 02 March 2023.

On the trail of Tom Perlinger

Do you love it when the excitement of reading makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Then the new crime novel by author Sabine Vöhringer is a real literary "treat" for you. Because chief inspector Tom Perlinger is also concerned with enjoyment - he now lives in the Platzl Hotel and finds a taste for our good cuisine in the Wirtshaus Ayinger am Platzl and in the Restaurant Pfistermühle. And that's exactly where the plot begins.

Pure thrills in the middle of Munich's old town

"In the vaulted cellar of the Pfistermühle am Platzl in the middle of Munich's old town, it was quiet as a mouse, even though more than 100 people were seated at the tables. The first course of the menu, whose aroma was still in the air, was just being served. Smoked pumpkin cream soup with pickled mackerel, orange and pumpkin seed oil. Chief Inspector Tom Perlinger sat at the front table, waiting anxiously ... In the last few months, his life in Munich had changed fundamentally, and this was just the beginning, because soon nothing would be the same." 

Of power, murders and myths

Why is Louis von Schönfeld, called the "fairy tale king," floating dead in the Köglmühlbach? Why is the body of his psychiatrist Siegmund Berg found a few meters away, in front of the Japanese Tea House in the English Garden? Tom Perlinger is faced with a seemingly unsolvable mystery. What is behind it? A personal drama? Soon the mysterious murders lead the headstrong investigator to the mysterious demise of the fairy-tale king from the past, King Ludwig II. Then as now, personal power games are the fairy-tale king's undoing.