Interview with F&B Manager Alexander Grüner

A portrait of Alexander Gruener, who is smiling at the camera

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An insight into the PLATZL HOTEL gastronomy with the new F&B Manager Alexander Grüner.

Dear Mr. Grüner, we are very happy that you have taken the time for our questions. You have been the F&B Manager at the PLATZL HOTEL since November 1, 2018. Can you explain to our readers what areas you are responsible for and what your most important tasks are?

All of the food service at the PLATZL HOTEL falls in my area of responsibility. That covers all aspects of the dishes, drinks and service. One of my main tasks is to ensure that our standards and values are upheld. At the same time, it is also about the continuous optimization of all operations, the management of processes, and the improvement of our offerings. Ultimately, the goal is to allow our guests to have the best possible food service experience in the PLATZL establishments.


In what establishments did you acquire your culinary expertise and how did you then arrive at the PLATZL HOTEL?

I successfully completed two apprenticeships – the first as a restaurant specialist and the other as a cook. Through this I better learned to understand operations from both the service and the kitchen perspectives. After management positions at the Hotel Nassauer Hof in Wiesbaden, the Schlosshotel in Kronberg Taunus, and the Hotel Nepomuk in Bamberg, I am now looking forward to my new role at the PLATZL HOTEL in Munich.


Munich has a diverse culinary landscape. In your opinion, how do you differentiate the PLATZL establishments from the other restaurants and bars in the city?

We authentically live Bavarian values and traditions and at the same time, we are in touch with the current trends. In doing so, we work carefully not to slip into the all-too-frequent Alps kitsch. I think we master a successful balance that is unique in the Bavarian capital. This is not only valued by guests from all over the world – but also more and more Munich residents are able to identify with it.

Furthermore, we put great emphasis on sustainability: there are fresh, regional, and yet creative dishes of the highest quality in a lovingly designed ambience.


In the past, guests at the PLATZL could frequently look forward to special events and promotions. What are the plans for 2019?

The year kicks off with a great culinary event on the 23rd of January. We are presenting our new wine list in the Pfistermühle together with a promising 8 course menu. The entire event will be supported by former Sommelier of the Year, Kai Schattner.

The next date that you should mark on the calendar is our Kitchen party on the 20th of February. Guests have free access to the kitchen and can watch the cooks create and potter about. And in this regard, we are being assisted on the wine front: some trusted vintners are personally coming by with their best wines, which will be supplied to one’s heart’s content.


What is most important to you if you yourself were a guest in a restaurant? What can they do to give you a treat?

I very much value when restaurant operators take risks and do not shy away from designing and implementing new, exciting concepts! And despite doing that, they can remain true to themselves – you see that for example with thePFISTERMÜHLE. The restaurant was completely renovated. There is a new menu. The guests experience a visit quite different from just a couple years ago. But despite that, the values and traditions, which have always distinguished the establishment, remain intact. On top of that, if a confidently discreet service and a genuine, fresh cuisine is offered, I am totally excited!