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In July we introduced our first basic value of the Platzl Hotel. Now you know why we at the Platzl are straightforward, authentic, or in short REAL.

This time we went around the hotel and asked our colleagues about another of the five basic values:


Here are some of the best answers:

BECAUSE we welcome and serve our guests with traditional costume designed by Ludwig Beck.

BECAUSE the original Platzl character is retained in the furnishings - starting with the loden and felt materials in the entrance hall and ending with the carpets and beer cosmetics in the rooms.

BECAUSE the Platzl has been a figurehead of Munich old town for decades.

BECAUSE the Platzl is now being managed by the third generation of the well-known Munich family Inselkammer.

BECAUSE in the Platzl restaurants - especially at Wirtshaus Ayingers – we serve Bavarian cuisine according to traditional recipes and made with local ingredients.

BECAUSE despite modernisation and refurbishing we have never given up our original character.

BECAUSE the Platzl has a chequered history and proved itself in the Bavarian regional capital, in spite of adversities.

BECAUSE at the Platzl we practice the Munich motto “world city with a heart”. Open, relaxed and authentic. The guests and customers also notice this during our annual summer festival for example.

BECAUSE both – Munich originals and guests from all over the world – feel at home with us, on every visit.

BECAUSE the Platzl has already characterised more than a hundred years of cultural life of the city with the famous Platzl stage.

BECAUSE we always welcome our guests with a warm “Grüß Gott”.

What makes the Platzl typically MUNICH for you?