The Eisbach creek in Munich: Surfing and sunbathing in the city

What could be nicer than enjoying the summer in Munich? In summer you can find many beautiful places and water areas to cool down and to relax in and around Munich.

The Eisbach creek, located in the heart of the city, is one of them. As the name suggests, this is one of the coolest, but also most popular places for recreation and leisure activities. The creek runs parallel to the Isar River from the Eisbachbridge on the southern edge to the east of the English Garden. Approximately 500 meters after the John F. Kennedy Bridge it flows back into the Isar River.

Year after year many surfers from all over the world arrive at the famous Eisbachwelle (Eisbach-Wave), located directly behind the Eisbachbridge, to show their skills. Behind the bridge the ice-cold water of the Isar River shoots out of a tunnel into the creek bed, only 40 cm below there is a threshold causing the water to pile up an artificial wave.
But surfing is only suitable for experienced surfers and is even in midsummer only recommended with a wetsuit. After over 35 years of “illegal surfing” it is officially allowed since June 2010. Nevertheless there are still restrictions (at your own risk, for experienced surfers only and always just one surfer on the Eisbach-Wave).

The beloved wave is internationally known and was even discussed in a documentary, which portrays the situation at the Eisbach-Wave and the riders arriving from all over the world. On a glorious summer day numerous visitors enjoy and watch the sporting activities.

Since July this year there is also a small kiosk named “Fräulein Grüneis” nearby the wave. Enjoy fresh coffee, cakes, snacks and during the week different lunch dishes as “the pasta of the day” in the lovingly decorated and as a national monument preserved cottage.