Stories and statistics from the Octoberfest

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For two weeks every year in early Autumn things get a little crazy in Munich. This is not just true at the Theresienwiese, the home of the Octoberfest, but also for the city as a whole. The world’s largest traditional festival attracts about six million visitors from around the world every year to the city on the River Isar, thereby creating a bustling scene on the streets and in the hotels and food outlets. Naturally, this is also the case at the Platzl Hotel. We have put together a few amazing statistics and curious stories from this year’s Octoberfest.


Each day of the Octoberfest sees the PLATZL HOTEL fully booked right down to its very last room – and 2018 was no exception. To give you an idea, our operations manager has captured some incredible numbers:

  • Our Octoberfest guests used a total of 12,379 towels (including 6,206 shower towels)
  • 2,481 bedsheets, 2,970 duvet covers and 7,714 pillowcases were changed
  • 3 Dirndl and 2 pair of Lederhosen were left behind in the rooms


Curious stories which only be written by the Octoberfest

Truly fascinating figures for just two weeks of hotel operations – but the Octoberfest doesn’t just produce statistical superlatives, it also throws up some curious stories as well. For instance, one Octoberfest guest asked us after his departure to help him reconstruct his evening with the aid of cellphone videos.

Our favorite anecdote however comes from our nightshift colleagues. They were quite astonished one early morning when a guest suddenly appeared before them in his birthday suit. He had – for some reason or other – locked himself out of his room naked. Our colleagues gave him a new room card and one of the 12,379 towels so he could cover himself up.

We are already looking forward to next year and more funny Octoberfest moments!