Platzl Hotel recognized for social engagement

For the second time, the City of Munich has awarded this year‘s engagement prize ‘Munich's Distinguished Business‘. Companies that are especially committed to social life in the city were honored in four categories. For us, a particular reason to celebrate: The PLATZL HOTELS are namely winners in the category ‘Medium-Sized Companies‘. What does this mean? We met with hotel manager Heiko Buchta and Platzl CEO Peter Inselkammer to discuss the honor.


What significance does the award have for the PLATZL companies?

Heiko Buchta: We are very proud to have received this award - it shows that our company is focused on people. No matter if guests or employees.

Peter Inselkammer: Additionally, ‘Münchnerisch’ is of course one of our core values. For us as a family-run hotel, it goes without saying that we are not only in Munich but also there for Munich. It is fun to spend some nice hours with other kinds of guests besides the many 100 regular guests whom we are privileged to host with heartfelt passion every day.

For which social project within Munich did Platzl Hotel Inselkammer KG make a special commitment last year?

Peter Inselkammer: For several years, we have been supporting the Nicolaidis YoungWings Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to help grieving youth. People who suddenly lose an important person, face a whole series of challenges - whether emotional, financial or social. YoungWings offers them an important safety net with a variety of counseling services.

How do the PLATZL companies help concretely?

Heiko Buchta: We collect donations at hotel events, whether through auctions or a donation call during our annual advent concert. In addition, we offer support with in-kind donations ‘in culinary form’ at internal and external foundation events. We also make our premises available for charitable occasions now and then.

Our employees are involved in annual charity events: for example, we participate with a PLATZL team in the YoungWings Charity Run. Endurance is particularly valuable there, because donations are collected for every kilometer run.  

Then I can recall the YoungWings Benefit Golf Tournament, in which service staff and chefs from the PLATZL help with the preparation and operation of the catering. 

Oh yes, traditionally during advent we organize a community gingerbreadhouse construction in the PLATZL HOTEL with many children and parents, which is taken care of by our staff.

What do you think was ultimately decisive for the prize being awarded to the PLATZL?

Peter Inselkammer: The employees' personal and selfless engagement! It was really impressive how gladly everyone in the PLATZL companies got involved in our social projects. That would certainly not be so without honest empathy and warmth toward people from the community who have to cope with a stroke of fate. Thanks to our many years of trusting cooperation with the Nicolaidis Foundation, our joint projects are now also running smoothly, which greatly benefits the people affected. Of course, this is also apparent to the jurors, who ultimately award the prize.

Now it's time to defend the title! What projects are planned for 2020?

Heiko Buchta: In 2020, we will live out our partnership with the same passion - guided tours, cooking classes for those affected, internships for the young and, of course, other traditional projects. We will keep our readers up to date!