Introducing: Fish farm Birnbaum

For years the Platzl kitchens have bought their fish from the Birnbaum fish farm on Ammersee.

To celebrate our successful collaboration fittingly, a special culinary highlight will take place on September5. Together with Nikolai Birnbaum, we welcome you to the Restaurant Pfistermühle for a 4-course-fish-menu. Find out more about fish farming along with good food. We asked Mr Birnbaum for a short interview, as a little taster.

Mr Birnbaum, you work closely with our kitchen team at the Platzl Hotel. You could say that almost every fish served by us comes from you. How long have you been running your fish farm in Penzing?

We have already been running the fish farm for two generations. My father started to breed the first fish about 60 years ago. My daughter Lea is currently in training as a fish farmer, so probably soon three generations.

What fish species do you breed?

As we primarily have spring water ponds, we mainly breed salmonids. This includes brown and rainbow trout, char, lake trout, namaycush, golden trout and Danube salmon.

To a lesser extent however, we also breed carp, pike, pikeperch and whiting.

Where does your interest in or passion for fish breeding come from?

You can definitely call it a passion, and I probably got it from my father. Even as a small child, every puddle magically attracted me. Now I can see strong parallels in my daughter.

At Platzl we place a great deal of importance on sustainability, quality and regionalism. That is why we value our collaboration with you very much. Could you tell our guests what makes your fish farm so sustainable and ecological?

We work extremely extensively. This means the fish have plenty of space, and above all, significantly more time to grow than in conventional fish farms. What is nice about our natural ponds is that the fish in them live together with lots of other animals like frogs, newts or dragonflies.

Part of our philosophy at the Pfistermühle is to inspire guests with our cuisine: Guests should have the desire to cook regional, fresh and handmade, appealing dishes at home. Can private persons buy fresh fish from you? And if so, do you offer them gutted and ready to cook?

Yes, everyone can buy their fish directly from us in the farm shop. We offer fresh fish in all possible forms: as fish fillet, ready to cook, without head or whole.

You can also buy many different fish treats from us: Smoked fish, roasted trout, pickled lake trout, Bismarck trout, sushi and a variety of salads. All produced by us of course.

Have you ever tried any of the fish creations at the Restaurant Pfistermühle?

Unfortunately not until now, but on September 5 at the latest, I will make up for that. I will be presenting the menu “Fischzucht Birnbaum erleben” there, together with the Pfistermühlen team.

Yes, we are looking forward to it. It will definitely provide plenty of opportunities to talk shop and enjoy.

Definitely. I am looking forward to it too!