Early spring in Munich – “spot on: spring”

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Springtime officially started a week ago and the switch to daylight saving time is also imminent. Because of this, the days are getting longer again and the evenings in Munich are getting friendlier. This means that exciting months full of events and activities can begin. The Bavarian capital would like to recognize this wonderful circumstance in a special way, which is why it has launched the initiative "spot on: spring".

What is “spot on: spring”?

An elixir of life, mood lifter, and source of cheerfulness and vitality—what would the world be without light? Inconceivable! The decrease in daylight, the foggy mornings, and the commute to work in the dark already make for a subdued atmosphere. Then, when winter time is over, a collective sense of relief seems to spread throughout society. Nature blossoms, the city awakens, and spirits are running high. Nevertheless, the changing of the seasons is somewhat taken for granted every year. Not in 2019: The city of Munich is celebrating the return of the light with the “spot on: spring” initiative. Numerous events were launched under this motto, others are garnering special attention, and on top of this there are also insider’s tips for all sun lovers. True enlightenment!


Munich ideas for spring

  • The Bavaria Filmstadt (Bavaria Film City) is an institution for cinematic art in Germany—the famous studios are turning 100 years old 2019. Cause for celebration—with a view to the past and future! Special exhibitions, interactive offerings, and augmented reality await you.
  • Utrecht Caravaggism caused quite a stir in the 17th century. The painters Terbrugghen, van Honthorst, and van Baburen created a completely new school of art that applied the Caravaggios’ style to the Dutch pictorial tradition. Characteristic of this school: Playing with light and shadows! The exhibition will be at the Alte Pinakothek from April 17th to September 21st.
  • Sunset at Olympiapark: What already sounds very romantic by itself can be outdone by a rooftop tour. Secured by ropes, you can walk across the roof of Munich’s Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium). You would be hard pressed to find a nicer place to enjoy the glow of the sunset!


Hours of sunshine on Platzl’s terraces

You can also enjoy the sun and light out in the open at PLATZL’s restaurants. We are reopening our popular PLATZL KARREE as well as the terraces of PFISTERMÜHLE and AYINGER AM PLATZL. And the AYINGER IN DER AU INN will experience its first summer season after opening in the fall: A cool lager tastes especially good at the tavern garden for 200 guests!


München Tourismus, Christian Kasper