WirtshausWiesn 2022

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Oktoberfest feeling in our Ayinger taverns

from the 17th of september until the 3th of october 2022

Munich without the annual Oktoberfest is simply not possible. Due the fact that the festival is not going to take place this year, we decided to bring the unmistakable Wiesn feeling as partner of the "WirtshausWiesn" to our taverns.

Even a long time ago, the very first Wiesn in 1810 did not take place on the Theresienwiese (where "only" a horse race was held) but with food, drink and singing in the nearby inns.

So this year you can experience the lively Oktoberfest atmosphere in our Ayinger am Platzl and Ayinger in der Au - lovingly decorated with fragrant gingerbread hearts and opulent hop wreaths. Join us - for homemade local tavern delicacies and a cool Wiesn meal in a small, cozy group, accompanied by really good tavern music.
Bavarian way of life, traditional and grounded in the homeland.

Our WirtshausWiesn program in our tavern Ayinger am Platzl:

opening hours:
Monday to Sunday 11.30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Social Program:

  • Saturday, 17.09.
    12 a.m. official opening of the "Tavern Octoberfest"
    from 10 a.m. Live tavern music with 'Pürner & Schmid'
    from 6 p.m. Live music with the traditional band 'Oimhitt'n-Musi'
  • Sunday, 18.09.
    from 10 a.m. Traditional morning pint and live music with 'Pürner & Schmid'
    from 6 p.m. Tavern music with Hannes Schmid
  • Friday, 23.09.
    from 6 p.m. Octoberfest feeling with 'Drunter & Drüber'
  • Saturday, 24.09.
    from 11 a.m. Live music with 'Landenhammer & Friends'
    from 6 p.m. Live music ans Octoberfest feeling
  • Sunday, 25.09.
    from 10 a.m. Morning pint and live music with 'Pürner & Schmid'
  • Friday, 30.09.
    from 6 p.m. Traditional Bavarian Music with the 'Oimhitt'n-Musi'
  • Saturday, 01.10.
    from 10 a.m. Livemusic with 'Pürner & Schmid' 
    from 6 p.m. Livemusic with 'Korbinian' 
  • Sunday, 02.10.
    from 6 p.m. Octoberfest feeling vs. Sunday with the 'Oimhitt'n-Musi'

Our WirtshausWiesn program at the Ayinger in der Au:

opening hours:
Tuesday to Thursday 5 pm to 11 pm
Friday to Sunday 10.30 am to 11 pm
(closed on Mondays)

  • Saturday, 17.09.
    from 6 p.m. Opening and live Music with 'Korbinian'
  • Sunday, 18.09.
    from 4 p.m. Tavern Octoberfest feeling and live music with 'Pürner & Schmid'
  • Friday, 23.09.
    from 6 p.m. Octoberfest feeling  with the 'Oimhitt'n-Musi'
  • Saturday, 24.09.
    from 6 p.m. Live music nd traditional Bavarian Ocotberfest feeling
  • Sunday, 25.09.
    from 4 p.m. "Sunday's Octoberfest" & live music with 'Pürner & Schmid'
  • Friday, 30.09.
    from 6 p.m. Live music with 'Pürner & Schmid'
  • Saturday, 01.10.
    from 6 p.m. Live Music with 'Landenhammer'
  • Sunday, 02.10.
    from 4 p.m. Sonntags-Wiesn und Livemusik mit Pürner & Schmid


Our WirtshausWiesn-Offers: 

During the WirtshausWiesn we have prepared special culinary delicacies. Let our Wiesn menu already inspire you with culinary delights!

For groups of 10 people or more, there's a great Reindl menu. Here you will soon find all the information for the offer at Ayinger am Platzl and Ayinger in der Au.

You prefer it exclusive and are looking for the perfect location for your Wiesn event? Then let us inspire you with our corporate Wiesn offer.


Contact & Reservation

For reservations for up to and including nine people, you are welcome to book directly on the website of Ayinger am Platzl or Ayinger in der Au or by calling the telephone number listed there.

For groups of 10 or more, feel free to contact our sales department at E sales@platzl.de or T 089/23703-777.


By the way: The WirtshausWiesn is an initiative of the big Oktoberfest hosts together with the association of Munich's city center landlords, in which a total of 54 Munich restaurants participate.
You can find further information HERE.